A Word From Your Director

It has been a great start to our Spring Semester. We have enjoyed getting to see each other again after winter break and enjoyed fun days like snow day! The kids had a great time experiencing the snow by digging, climbing, and sledding down the hill.

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February has been an exciting month as well! We have been talking a lot about friendships and practicing kindness to another during this month of love. We had our annual friendship picnic outside on Wednesday, February 14th to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This was a fun time for all of our classrooms to get together and enjoy one another's company and a special snack of heart shaped pancakes and strawberry milk.

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Meal Time

                Every day at snack and lunch time we sit with the children family style and model good eating habits, appropriate conversations, and encourage good decision making and independence. We always encourage children to eat their main choice first, followed by items from nature. However, we never force children to eat their lunch. We realize that their appetites fluctuate as well as their preferences. Please remember to send them with many choices to choose from. What they eat one day is not necessarily what they want the next. You may at times see your child’s lunch come home with little eaten from it. This may simply be because they had a very filling snack earlier in the morning and are not hungry for their lunch. Other times, it has to do with their growth patterns or their health (often appetites decrease as a child becomes ill). Rest assured that your child will never go hungry at our school. Their needs will always be met.