meet our family!



Harveen is our Director.  She has been working in childcare for 18 years and is one of the co-owners.  Harveen has two young children and loves spending her free time with her family and enjoying the company of friends.

Lead Teacher



Robin is our Preschool Room lead teacher and she is also a co-owner.  She has been working at Next Horizons since it's inception in 2006 and has almost 30 years of experience in child care. In her spare time, she enjoys being a Grammy to her five grandchildren and reading mystery novels.




Jeremiah is our Infant Room Lead Teacher.  Jeremiah has been at Next Horizons for over five years.  He has looped up with a group of children from infancy to prek and is enjoying bonding with a whole new group of babies this year!  In his spare time, he enjoys dancing, traveling and spending time friends and family.



Michael is our Pre-K curriculum coordinator.  Michael is in charge of developing, planning and implementing the curriculum for Pre-K.  Michael has a two year old son that gets to come to work with him every day!  In his spare time, michael enjoys spending time with his family, journaling, reading comic books and theatre.



Monae is our Ones Room Lead Teacher.  Monae has been at Next Horizons for over four years.  This is Monae's second year as a lead teacher.  She spent last year as a lead in the infant room and has had the pleasure of moving up with her babies to provide continuity in caregiving.  In her spare time, Monae enjoys traveling, going to concerts and writing.



Assistant Leads

Assistant Leads must work for our program for at least one year before becoming a lead.  It is important for our lead staff to fully understand our philosophy in order to implement it effectively and this takes time.  Many of our assistant leads attend school full time and Next Horizons supports their ongoing education by being flexible with availability.  Assistant are required to work a minimum of 30 hrs/week.


IMG_6314[1].JPG                                   IMG_6308[1].JPG

Michelle - PreK                                                   Maddy - Preschool


IMG_6300[1].JPG                                     IMG_6309[1].JPG

Jazmin - Ones Room                                          Ty - Infant Room



Classroom Assistants

Classroom Assistant work anywhere from 20-40 hrs/week depending on their availability and needs of the classroom.  Classroom assistants play an integral role at Next Horizons as a support system for our lead staff.




Amy - Preschool Room                                  




Next Horizons loves Volunteers.  Parents, grandparents, extended family and community members can be volunteers.  Parent volunteering is not required at Next Horizons but is encouraged and welcomed!


Nani has been volunteering at Next Horizons since 2006 in the baby room.  She's had three grandchildren graduate from NH and has two currently attending.  Nani has six grandchildren total and loves knitting blankets for them.

Special Visitors

Parents make the best special visitors.  We welcome families to come into the classroom to do a special activity with the kids.  We welcome all cultures and traditions and encourage families to share those traditions with us.


Michael is a parent in the twos room and he came by for a special visit to help the children explore their "opera" voices and explored different instruments with the children.  

fire[1].jpg     water_safety[1].jpg    max_fire[1].jpg 

Tempe Fire Department comes out every year for Fire and Water Safety lesson.